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Before BoE, I had a hobby: making pottery. Fun, relaxing, creative...all that good stuff. Every potter faces one problem, though: eventually you become saturated with ceramic pieces and have to figure out how to unload them.

Friends and family can soak up a certain amount of pottery at first, but they, too, start to max out after a while. You get to a point where you rather hope things will get broken, just to give you an excuse to make a replacement. Fortunately, ceramics are known to do just that, but unfortunately, the rate of breakage generally doesn't keep up at all with the rate of production--unless you supply the recipients with pet gorillas.

To make matters worse, Oregon has more potters per capita than almost any other state (if not the most). Which means that pottery is kind of like garden-grown zucchini around these parts--you end up having to leave bags of ceramics on your neighbor's porch when they're not home, since they already have more than they need and are often making their own!

The next logical step is to sell your pottery to strangers. There is a nearly infinite supply of strangers out there, after all, and some of them even have their own gorillas! Hence the origins of Turondo Pottery (turondo being sort of Quenyan for "master of stone").

These pieces are all hand made by two LOTR fans, myself and my friend Kat. Each is a signed, unique work of art. Except for the Chia Feet, all pieces are stoneware, suitable for use indoors or out, and are food-, dishwasher-, and microwave-safe.

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