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Jan 2, 2005: Happy New Year!
Wow, what a couple of weeks it's been. Several bits and pieces of news: Not much one can say after that last entry. Besides, it's time to go lug the last (crossed fingers) load over from our old house. See you in Pasadena!

Dec 18, 2004: Life is full of surprises.
I just learned that When a Fan is now available through Barnes and Noble. Heh. I guess that happened through Partners/West, my wholesaler. I had no idea they worked with B&N, I thought they were strictly indie bookstores. Bonus!

Dec 15, 2004: If you're sad because you have no shoes... just gotta remember the folks out there that have no feet. I have put The Book up on auction at Ebay to benefit the 4Christina fund. Vasaris from Fandomwank turned me on to this-- this gal has parotid cancer and it's eating her up alive both literally and financially. While I just couldn't see myself getting on board that fund to buy some fanfic writer a new Ipod, this cause was worthwhile. So, if you'd like to buy the book but don't want to contribute to its usual good cause (that is, paying back everyone that got ripped off by Those Two), you can support a whole nother good cause by bidding for it on Ebay.

Dec 12, 2004: Pneumonia sucks.
So things slowed waaaaaaaay down for me this week, and the timing could not have been worse. Monday night I began to feel some twinging when breathing. Tuesday was the day The Movers were to come and finally get us into the New House...and that evening I was to drive up to Seattle in order to attend Sean Astin's book signing at UW. It didn't work out that way, preciousss, no, it surely didn't. Without going into the physiologic details, suffice it to say I was flat on my back for the past week and have a new understanding of the medical phrase "increaased respiratory effort."
One of the memorable moments: trying to sit up on the couch for a while, only to get another fever and have to stretch out--at nearly the precise moment the high school marching band begins to "practice" for the Christmas parade. I used the quote marks because they weren't practicing their music, they were apparently determining their proper placement or cadence or something, because the only thing they played, over and over, were the first two measures of "Silent Night." Silent night...Holy night...Silent night...Holy Night.
Life can be cruel at times.

Fortunately, Sue went to see Sean Astin, both as he taped an appearance for Northwest Afternoon, and then the booksigning. I told her if Sean wanted a book, he needed to buy one--freebies are only for people like Tall Paul or Jed, who made helpful contributions to the writing, such as answering the questions I had. So Sue went and bought one from the UW store to give to him. She can be a rascal on occasion.
But I'm glad she did, because if anyone deserved to see his reaction, it's Sue. When she gave him the book, he immediately cracked up over the fact that he's on the cover in his Project Elanor clothes, and that led to a general discussion of the cover art. I'll preface what happened next with the comment that Sean normally exudes a strong presence, very much the one in charge of the interaction when you're with him; I noticed this at Project Elanor, and people frequently comment on it when they meet him at conventions and what not.
Sue described that, once the "cover" discussion rolled to its natural conclusion, she saw Sean, for just an instant, grow small and timid, and he asked her, "So how was I treated in the book?"
Sue piled it on good, telling him he was treated just as everyone else, i.e. as good people who were conned and didn't deserve that, and hadn't done anything wrong. She told him how the sale money would pay back the other victims, made sure he had a business card if he wanted to reach either her or I, reminded him twice that if he'd like his book signed, he could come by during ORC...she's a PR natural. Sean handed the book to his assistant and said "This goes straight to Christine." Sue later spotted Mrs. Astin tucked away out of the limelight in the back, reading it.
At one point Sean said he still felt sorry for Those Two. Sue nodded kindly but in her mind, she said, "You won't after you read this book!" One can only hope as much.

Can I just ask, what the hell kind of marching band plays "Silent Night" in a parade? Does anyone else find that fundamentally WRONG? I mean, parade, Jingle Bell Rock, Deck The Halls, something that has a comparable tempo to the marching pace. You simply cannot add an improvised brass jam or drum solo to Silent Night. And how are you supposed to evenly maintain all those long, solemn, linked whole notes as you trot along with the stylized highstepping action? Talk about increased respiratory effort! And would "lighthearted" be too much to ask?

Sue also reported that Alan Lee went into a gigglefest when he saw his Chia Hobbit Foot (which she'd put into the thank-you baskets for both Alan and Sean, from the NW Tolkien Society). That made me so happy. That's exactly what I do every time I see them, and since I have them stacked all over the garage, lemme tell ya, that's pretty often! They're FUNNY, dag nab it, and it warms my heart to know that at least one other person out there has a tweaked out sense of humor just like mine.

Because of this pulmonary encounter with my mortality, I won't be able to make my booksigning in Seattle next week, over which I am utterly miserable, but what can you do? I still haven't eaten a balanced meal since this all started, and coughing has become a complex series of contortions and breathing rhythms worthy of a Yoga form, all to move the gunk while preventing searing pain. No one on the freeway wants to be next to someone doing what I do when I cough. I look like that guy in Alien.

The preceeding update was brought to you by the makers of Afrin nasal spray and Azithromycin.

Dec 3, 2004: Potpourri of exciting news and changes.
Boy, things have been hopping around here (as always). Lots of nifty sound bites to share: Wow, wasn't that great? For the detail-inclined, here's the scoop:

The Amazon listing was for practical/exposure/credibility purposes. Please see extended rant below. I just wanted people to be able to find it, who might otherwise never hear of it...but I hope folks will choose to buy a Signed copy directly from this website! The same logic applies to the Froogle listing, which I believe refers people directly here anyway. Ditto for Ebay--I think I'll probably keep a copy listed up there for some time, just for the exposure. So if you, dear websurfer, are a cash-strapped student, that's one way to try for a cheap copy!

Partners/West has been johnny-on-the-spot about processing bookstore orders for Teh Book, so it will be appearing on shelves imminently. The UW Bookstore plans to have them out for sale tomorrow, and more will be receiving shipments soon. If you spot Teh Book at your favorite store, let me know!. I'd love to keep track of who's selling it, for future booksigning events.

Talking of which, those are finally starting to shape up. I'll be at the UW store on Dec 15 (see events page), and we're finalizing the dates for signings in Lincoln City, Oregon (Abbey's home town) and Claremont, California at my alma mater, Harvey Mudd College. Many more events to come, this ball is just starting to roll!

Sue spoke to the "Northwest Afternoon" program today and they have put me into their system as a potential guest. I didn't get the call, Hubby did, so I don't know all the details, but apparently Sue is supposed to call them every 2 weeks to see if they've booked me. What a kick. Crap, now I have to go out and buy something nice to wear on TV. That's a lot to ask from a frumpy cheapskate like myself.

On Wednesday I had a last-minute appearance at the Willamette University bookstore right here in my home town. I was invited literally the day before, so there was barely time to get my name on the program, and only a handful of people came by, but the GOOD thing is that now the Willamette Store is carrying Teh Book too!

Decided to move this over here: If you've never seen a book in its embryonic state before, this is pretty cool: the proof set from the big printer in Kansas.

Toshiro the Guinea Pig found the proofs delicious.

Nov 27, 2004: I finally caved
Heavy sigh...after weeks of waffling, last night I gave up and listed The Book on "Why the long face?" you may be wondering. Well, I'm glad you asked.

{rant = "on"}
One thing I had no clue about prior to this adventure is how books are bought and sold. Rather than go through the explanation, I'll just refer you straight to the source at Amazon, with the most relevant parts excerpted here:

Each year in May, we will automatically debit from your account a non-refundable annual membership fee of $29.95. If your membership is canceled or terminated for any reason, you will not be entitled to any refund of the annual membership fee.

Ship the requested number of copies of your title to the designated distribution center. All copies must be shipped "FOB destination" (meaning that you, the vendor, bear the liability and expense of packaging, insurance, customs clearance and duties (where applicable), and freight.

For books, we will pay you 45% of the publisher's list price or of the suggested retail price you selected. This is equivalent to a 55% purchase discount. For example, if your selected selling price is:
$8.99, we pay you $4.05
$10.99, we pay you $4.95
$12.99, we pay you $5.85
$14.99, we pay you $6.75

Isn't that special? Let's go through this line by line:
1. I pay Amazon $29.95 to get my book listed in their service. If I decide this isn't working out, I can't get even a partial refund on that.
2. I send, at my own expense, books to Amazon's "distribution center," i.e. warehouse. A box of 10 books will cost me about $6 to ship.
3. Amazon's computer lists my book on their website using information that I provided in my application--i.e. I filled out their online forms with the book summary, reviews, etc. The amount of promotion/advertising that they will have to do will be minimal --probably one person will spend 5 minutes scanning my input and cross-referencing keywords like "LOTR" and "con artist" to the search database, and that will be it.
4. The only thing that Amazon will do that requires actual work on their part will be to process orders and ship out books to customers.
5. So, when Amazon gets an order for one of my books, which I spent months writing and thousands of dollars printing, they will receive at least $14.95 from the customer (plus who knows what for shipping). Some warehouse employee will spend probably no more than 10 minutes stuffing the book into an envelope, slapping on an automatically-generated label, and tossing it into a bin that the Post Office will pick up for delivery.
6. For that, Amazon gets to keep $8.22 plus the $30 annual fee.

Sigh. I realize that I'm paying for their reputation, and for their computers and software that make it easy for people to find and buy books.

The cheapskate within me, however, sputters, "But do they really deserve THE LION'S SHARE for that???"

They undoubtedly got the idea that this was an OK proportion from the rest of the book industry. I have the exact same deal with Partners/West, who will be putting my books into stores. I have to send them books at my expense, and they in turn send them to bookstores that want to sell them. I have to do all the work of pimping the book, sending email and snail mail to stores asking them to take a look at it and carry it, beg newspaper reviewers to plug it in their papers with a review, etc--all of which takes HUGE amounts of time. And once again, Partners/West will pay me LESS THAN HALF of the cover price for every book sold. Standard industry contract.

If I hadn't published it myself, my cut would be even smaller. I wouldn't have paid for the printing costs out-of-pocket, but once you get large quantities of books being printed, those are quite small (certainly not 55% of the total cost!). I don't know why people even write books under these circumstances!

Thank Illuvatar for the Internet! When I sell a book from this site, the whole thing comes to me. Well, almost--Paypal charges a transaction fee and since I'm charging postage only, no handling, I usually lose nearly a dollar from the cover price. But that beats the HECK out of the $8 plus shipping that I lose on every book that goes to Amazon or Partners!!

Take Away Message: The little thermometer of wrongs set right will be rising at a slower rate for books sold anywhere other than this website. If you'd like a book, I hope you'll choose to order it directly from here. I'll sign it for you; you don't have to pay any sales tax; you won't have to brave the elements to go to a bookstore. And you'll be thwarting the system that keeps writers from fully benefitting from their work. Can't beat that with a stick, eh?

Less Rambly News: I got the coolest order yesterday--the Multnomah County Library System (which serves Portland) ordered four copies. Woot! Fun! I hope they'll send one to the library that was "supposed to" "receive" the Elanor Garden...

Nov 25, 2004: Something I'm thankful for
I got this message from "NotE!butNice," a "character" from the book (and the adventure) just this morning. She was saying hello after a long trip to Ireland, and had the following tale to tell:

I recounted The Story one night in Galway to a captive audience in a 200 year old pub just up from the bay. They were amused, bewildered and outraged. You were toasted for your perseverance to get the truth out and the Other Two were officially banned from ever setting foot in the wonderful old pub. They all pledged never to share a drink with either one of them.

Now that's beautiful. Here's to honest and stalwart people the world over. {clink}

Nov 23, 2004: I think I can announce this officially
I'd been waiting until all the paperwork cleared, and it ALMOST has, so I'm going for it: I'll have a Merchant Table at the One Ring Celebration in Pasadena, January 2005. Come by, get a signed signed book, tell me a story about Those Two, whatever you like!

Burning the candle at both ends: Sue and I have spent the last week painting the new house like maniacs (had the new carpet installed over the weekend, now we just have to move in!) and sending off press kits to newspapers and bookstores all over the West Coast. Now that I have a wholesaler/distributor, I can get the book into stores--but the stores have to know about it, want it, and order it from the wholesaler. Time to spread the word. Anyone out there in WebLand with a contact in a bookstore, I'd dearly love it if you'd mention this interesting book that they ought to carry--just point them to the Media Room at this website and they'll be able to order it for their store.

And on a bookstore note: We're also working on booksigning events, mostly here in Oregon for starters. The trouble is, you kinda need a review in the local newspaper first, so the bookstore can have some publicity for the signing. But then sometimes the newspaper wants to know when the Signing will be, so they can set that as a deadline for printing the review...It's just never as simple as calling these places up and fitting something into the schedule. Well, at least we're starting to learn the hang of it. Check in on the Events page now and then to see if we'll be visiting near you!

Nov 17, 2004: Bookstores, here I come!
Today I received a contract in the mail from Partners/West, a book distributing company. Once I sign it and it gets set up, I will have a wholesaler to distribute my books. Bookstores only accept books from wholesalers, not authors (except in special circumstances, such as a locally owned and operated store like Jackson's). But no matter now, as Partners/West opted to take it on! WOOT! Look for it in stores soon!

New comments from John Howe: I'm always delighted to hear from anyone who liked the book, but this was a real treat. (go to the bottom of the page). This is just the sort of reaction I was hoping the book would provoke-- a sort of snarky poignancy--a prosaic "Bloom County," if you will.

OK, here's a hoot: I've sent out copies of the book to all the folks who helped verify the celebrity sections, which included Rebecca, Bruce Hopkins' agent. On Saturday, I was over at our new house painting like a fiend so we can move into the bleeping place. Hubby was in the middle of fixing dinner with the toddler hanging on his leg and the big kid whooping it up in the living room. When I get home, he tells me that "Rebecca Kirkwood" called, and hands me the message you see here.
Ahem...huh? Talk about giving the hairy eyeball! I get my first call ever from a Hollywood producer, and my Caltech genius husband writes a callback number that is illegible, and only six digits besides.
Granted, Rebecca just wanted to talk about the book a little, but the point would be that she COULD have been calling to cut a deal for a Movie of the Week, and all I had was this Picasso version of a phone number to call back. So naturally, I have to take advantage of this opportunity to rag on hubby, since he is always catching me in mid-flakery.

Nov 12, 2004: All your base are belong to us.
I did a little ego surf the other night, googling on my name to see where it might turn up. I came across this blurb in an Italian fantasy magazine. How exciting! I put it through the Google translator to see if it seemed like a reasonable article. My name came back as Jeanine Reindeers. Jingle all the way.

On that same surfing trip, I came across this review from Dorothea Salo. I found it very interesting and I hope I can chat with her sometime about the points she brought up. Argh, if I can just find a LITTLE time some day...

Nov 7, 2004: Post OryCon News
Whew...back-to-back conventions has proven a bit on the exhausting side. OryCon was a huge affair, it was really quite fun to walk around this huge hotel, knowing that everyone in it was part of the convention. Klingons, Goths, Jedi, pirates, Renaissance, an all-blue chick, and a baby alien (three months old and cute as a button in her little tentacled carrier pack). Met a few more folks that were screwed by BoE, as is always the case, nothing particularly juicy this time.

My favorite story is totally off topic, but I'm going to tell it anyway, since this is my website, dag nab it. So there was this little girl, I'm guessing maybe 9 years old, that came through our booth and was excited by the Chia Feet. Her mom bought her a bookmarker and said that she'd already gone through most of her convention budget, and besides, she'd bid on things in the silent auction and would have to pay for them if she won. Daughter came back maybe 3-4 times over the course of the weekend to look at the chia feet and give me updates about whether Mom had won this or that in the auction. Closing time arrives and there she is again, telling me that Mom is waiting to see if she won a prize in the raffle, could I possibly keep one Chia foot out while I'm wrapping up all the other pieces? I'm picturing her mom, on a budget, hoping that her little girl would sort of forget about the Chia feet just long enough for them to get into the car and drive off...but hey, I had a lot of pieces to pack up, it was no biggie to leave one foot out for later.

Sure enough, my intuition was correct (we moms know these kinds of things): Here comes beleaguered mom being hauled in by daughter, trying to apologize for her little one disrupting my packup process, she's down to her last $20 and has no idea where her little angel got the idea that she could have a Chia foot after the raffle was over. And there's little angel, looking for all the world like me about 30 years ago, crossing her fingers that she can work Mom over with the "winsome blue eyes treatment" and get this doodad that she's so enamored with.

What the heck. I told Mom I could give her one for $10 and Mom went for it. It's really a good feeling to know this little gal really liked a piece that I made. And knowing how much I love it when someone makes MY kid happy, it was nice to pass that on to someone else's kid.

We now return to the regularly scheduled cynicism.

Nov 5, 2004: A little publicity
True to his word, Eugene Bingham of the NZ Herald published this story today in the Saturday Herald. Which is just killing me because it is still Friday. I still maintain that the whole time zone thing is just plain wrong.

TORn paid a wee homage to the article on their main page, but alas, neither source actually indicated how to buy the book. I hope some folks manage to find their way here anyway. Late Entry: Woot, thank you, X (or whoever addended your news article) for the link!

Nov 3, 2004: Tidbits of the day
After three days, I have at last sent out all the individual book orders and pre-orders. I just have to find boxes for the folks that ordered multiple books, hopefully can finish that soon! Once you receive your book, if you would like to send in a review or "testimonial," please feel free--just write it up and send me an email.

Press: Eugene Bingham of the New Zealand Herald has indicated that he wants to run a book review or possibly some sort of news story about the book this Saturday. WOOT!

Pix: Just saw this photo from RingCon on TORn, what a kick, didn't even see that one get taken. That was before I figured out how to style my hobbit feet fur properly. Spirit gum is strange stuff.

Oct 31, 2004: The RingCon Scoop
First Big News: The books are in at last! The first 300 arrived at RingCon and the rest are due in my new garage tomorrow. They look SO AWESOME!!! The ones we had printed locally for the Jackson's debut were done with a different printing method and the pictures came out kinda so-so, but man, the offset-printed books are just, well, COOL! I'll be shipping previously ordered books for the next couple of days and from then on, hopefully I will be able to send books out on demand! Thanks to everyone who pre-ordered and has waited patiently for months for this baby to get printed!

Next Big News: RingCon! What a riot! OK, I promised incriminating photographs:

Bruce Hopkins
growling Can I just say Bruce Hopkins is the nicest man... especially once you get about 300 CCs of sake into him.

Seriously, I hope we get to be buddies, he is very straight-up, kind-hearted, fights for what he believes in, all that kind of stuff that makes for a rock-solid person.

I told him to look like he wanted to kick some ass for this photo, since he's smiling in the book. He signed 3 copies for me; I hope to get everyone involved to sign them as well. One was for myself and the other two I thought we could auction off someday, but I realized I need to keep two, one for each of my little boys to inherit. So someday one signed-by-everyone book will be available.

Royd TolkienNow this was a real treat: Royd Tolkien, great-grandson of JRRT. Which means that he has roughly one eighth of JRRT's DNA including his original Y chromosome. Which means an infinitessimal amount of JRRT's genetic material remains on my hand even now. Be still my fluttering heart. Alas, being a potter and a mommy of a tot in diapers, I can't vow to never wash my hand again.

Back to reality: You should have SEEN the look on Royd's face when I explained to him that, according to Abbey and "Jordan," his grampa was actually writing history as relayed to him by the spiritual emanations of the elves in Valinor, even though he thought it was just his imagination and creativity. I had Royd sign that page in my 3 books as sort of a witness testimonial type of thing on behalf of all the Tolkiens. Heh.

Royd then bought a beautiful full length leather coat and strode past my little booth on his way out of the merch room. Hamina hamina. Had one of those "oh, to be young and thin and pretty and single again" moments.

Oops, got distracted again! Anyway, I put my foot up on the table for this photo to show off my funny hobbit feet, Royd's grampa's legacy. My older boy decided he wanted a new look and got a buzz cut, so I had these wonderful soft hairs from his precious noggin to glue onto my tootsies. They looked very authentic. But JoJo managed to completely crop my foot out of the photo. Oh, well.

I am still gobsmacked over this one: Every time I go to a convention, I hear stories from people that encountered Abbey and "Jordan," and although these tales have a common general theme, there are no two exactly alike. Some make me smirk, some I file away for When A Fan 2.0, and some, well, some I just gotta share. Thus:

Twice now I have encountered a neat young man named Casey at conventions. The first time, at TolCon, I didn't really meet him but I took note of him because he charmed the heck out of my older son. There were a few people out on the dance floor at TolCon early Saturday evening--the bulk of the crowd wasn't drunk enough to get out and boogie, so it was just the kids and the extroverts. My boy was jumping and whirling around in a freestyle typical of 6-year-olds, just doing his own thing. Casey started to imitate him. I cannot TELL you how proud it made my son feel, when he realized that a grown-up was dancing like HIM. He absolutely beamed. Anyone that makes my kid feel good about himself gets a lot of karmic credit in my eyes (which is one reason Abbey was held so highly in my esteem, but that's another story).

So Casey came to my reading at RingCon and had a story to share. It seems that a couple years ago he went to a party with some folks from Bit of Earth and he met Abbey and her "boyfriend" "Jordan." As the evening went on and the booze flowed, a game started that apparently involved passing apples from mouth to mouth as a pretext for smooches. Casey, who was about 21 at the time, was lubricated enough to participate in this game, and as you might have already guessed, ended up, during the course of the evening, groveling with both Abbey and "Jordan." Which is not terribly surprising by itself, but what makes his story unique is that he got paired to Abbey on his first turn, thus making Abbey his FIRST KISS. EVER.

*gets the willies all over again.*

I believe he would qualify as a poster child for the dangers of alcohol.

Oct 24, 2004: The Reviews Are In!
Dan Hays' Formal Book Review in the Salem Statesman Journal. He liked it!

"When A Fan" Hits the Stores!
We held our First Ever Book Signing Event today at Jackson's Books in Salem, Oregon. 25 people stopped by to take a peek, and we sold 10 books. Shopping Cart Bob, FrodosGirl322, Gandalf and Vanadriel, the Twins, and of course Shireling Sue, all came in for moral support and to help polish off the bonbons from Costco.

The Gang's All Here
Back row, left to right: Vanadriel and Gandalf (the Fall Guys from Project Elanor), Twin A, FrodosGirl, Twin B, SC Bob. Front Row: Shireling Sue and the Turminator.

The First Book Signed
Signing the first copy--to Mike the Lawyer, who has helped make much of this snark possible. Note plate of bonbons and cookies.

You Never Know Where Wank Will Turn Up
The landlady that rented the Hobags the apartment in Salem came in for the booksigning--and did she ever have some Scoopage. It seems that one day, one of the kids in the complex came to her office and said that there were some important-looking papers just laying out on the picnic table in the little playground. Turns out those papers just happened to be Abbey's marriage license and some pictures. She naturally picked them up and kept them, and since Abbey never claimed them, she thought she could still get me a copy.

The interesting thing about this is that Sue and I did some checking in the public records about Abbey's divorce. It seems that Abbey's ex was ordered to pay her quite a bit of cash in the settlement, which is not necessarily unusual in itself. But those of you who buy the book and read Amy's Fake Suicide letter will notice that she confesses to certain activities in this letter. One such activity is stealing money from Abbey and her husband's joint bank account and pinning the blame for the missing funds on the husband.

One of Abbey's complaints about her ex was that he was careless with money to the point of bringing them to financial ruin. So it's possible that Amy was telling the truth--that she stole this money and convinced Abbey that her ex either stole it or lost it or never had it, whatever. In that case, Abbey may have no idea that Amy was ripping her off even as she was living under her roof and being all lovey-dovey.

It is also quite possible that Abbey and Amy set up the whole missing funds things together and jointly blamed it on the ex-husband, with Abbey playing the poor, confused, victimized spouse and Amy her star witness.

Regardless of whether Amy lifted this money, or the two of them lifted it together, Sue and I can't help but wonder if the Ex-Husband might be interested in this confession. Especially considering that it seems that he was ordered to REPAY the "missing funds" as part of the divorce settlement. To me, this seems like the kind of factoid that a divorce lawyer will start salivating over.

So we're hoping that this landlady will be able to find these divorce documents and get us some contact info for Abbey's ex. Maybe he can get back some of the money Amy admitted to stealing from him.

It's just always something new and interesting in Turi's World!

Oct 18, 2004: The Dirty Duo Spotted:
Two minions people have independently reported that Those Two were out on Friday in all their glory on the sidewalk in front of the Chinese Theater. Both spies were in line for the Jimmy Kimmel show because Dom Monaghan was going to be a guest. Those Two apparently were not aware that Dom was going to be in the theater, because they were ignoring the crowd, giggling and whispering amongst themselves, and eventually just sauntered off. Had they known Dom was near, they would surely have been bragging to the crowd about what BNFs they were, or at the very LEAST, tried to gatecrash.

Sadly, though, no photos, as much as I'd like to post one here.

Oct 15, 2004: Lest We Forget
It was one year ago today that Sean Astin called the Marion County Sheriff's Office, to report the whereabouts of Amy Player to The Law. *sniffle* *wipes tear* *salutes*

Oct 14, 2004: RingCon and Book News

Oct 6, 2004: First Entry!
Guess what! I now have a news page! You've found the place to go for all the latest scoopage on: